Maskit Aussie Art Reusable Masks - Australian Birds

Maskit Aussie Art Reusable Masks - Australian Birds
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100% cotton Maskit reusable triple layered mask with adjustable toggles. Mask pack comes with 3 x PM2.5 disposable filters.

PINK - Galah, GREEN - Kookaburra, YELLOW - White Cockatoo, RED - Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Reusable fashion mask prevents transmission of airborne particles up to 2.5 microns. Outer cotton layer is reusable and machine washable. PM2.5 disposable filters last for up to 1 month with frequent use or up to 60 hours, whichever is sooner. Adjustable over the ear straps tailor the shape for a comfortable fit. Inner pocket secures the filter from loose movement.

WARNING: This mask is not medical grade

CAUTION: Use carefully for sensitive or allergic skin. Cease use immediately if irritation occurs.

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